Why Solis?

Peace of Mind for Everyone We Serve

Our promise is to provide an exceptional experience, exceptionally accurate results, and Peace of Mind to everyone we serve. Our purpose is to be the National Leader in Mammography and imaging services, helping patients achieve and maintain optimal health.

This purpose is achieved through state-of-the-art imaging services, research-based clinical protocols, and our dedicated specialists in breast imaging who create a culture of continuous improvement. Our warm, modern, non-institutional centers of care are patient-centric and are designed to provide our patients with peace of mind throughout the duration of their time with us. We recruit and retain the best people in the industry, and we hold ourselves accountable to all those who depend on us; patients, team members, families, partners, communities, and investors.

Our convenient, comfortable centers specialize in breast health. Our expert team of nationally renowned, breast-dedicated radiologists spend the majority of their time reading mammograms; a practice shown to dramatically increase the accuracy of a mammogram. Additionally, we strive always to take stress out of the traditional mammogram experience and provide patients Peace of Mind at every step of their journey with us.

We believe our patients’ experience starts the moment they decide to schedule their appointment, and doesn’t end until they receive their results. To that end, we strive to make every step of their process as easy and convenient as possible. This includes real-time online scheduling 24/7, a contact center open 13 hours each weekday, tablet registration, a home-like (non-clinical) environment in our centers, and fast results. Each step has been carefully considered, with the goal of making the experience such an exceptional one that women won’t avoid getting the mammograms they need.