Screening Mammogram

What is a Screening Mammogram?

The traditional digital mammogram takes two-dimensional pictures of the breast and is still one of the most advanced tools available for detecting breast abnormalities. A screening mammogram is used to detect breast tumors in women who have no symptoms of breast cancer.

The goal of a screening mammogram is to detect tumors that are too small or too deep to be discovered any other way. Put simply, mammography is an important part of a woman’s annual wellness check-up. To learn more about early detection, click here.

Most major medical associations recommend that women start screening mammography at age 40, and get screened annually.17 Getting a high-quality screening mammogram and clinical breast exam at a breast dedicated facility is the most effective way to detect breast cancer early.

3D Mammography™ is the most advanced technology available for screening or diagnostic mammograms and is offered at many Solis locations. For more information click here.

You do not need a physician’s order to schedule a screening mammogram. *Please note: you will need the name of a physician to whom we can send your reports.

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Timeline of Screening Mammogram